how to not be a touristy tourist

important etiquette information here:

a subway app, called embarknyc, which will tell you which trains to take where and at what times, including walking directions

never, ever just stop walking - if you are lost, need to send a text, take a picture, or have to tie your shoelaces, please walk over to the side and take care of it. people will be rude if you just stop on the sidewalk

follow the locals in crosswalks. if they're walking, even if the hand is red, go ahead and join them

it's a good idea to keep your bag zipped up

duane reade is a drugstore that sells pretty much anything you need. i believe they're open 24 hours a day and there are over 250 in manhattan, so if you need medicine, cosmetics, or a snack, pop in here

a metro card is $2.75 per ride (with free transfers if you don't leave the station) and a 7-day unlimited is $30. it may be wise to check out groupons before your visit and see if there are any deals. there are no 3 day options unfortunately. the metrocard is also great for use on the buses

most locals stand at either end of the subway platform to guarantee a spot on the first and last cars. these are usually less crowded. that equals a seat

new yorkers tend to be in a hurry, so when paying for something, i would suggest using a card. it's quicker and you can get out of the line fast. if you must pay with cash, please don't take the time to count out coin change - you will probably hear some nasty comments from others in line

people will try to hand you things. don't feel like you need to accept

feel free to walk around with your headphones in

if you come to visit
do not: bring a backpack, wear a cheesy hat, a fanny pack, or a "I <3 NY" tshirt. you will be flagged as a tourist.
do: wear comfy shoes, bring a water bottle, bring your camera, dress stylishly and walk with confidence

nyc water is actually well filtered and full of minerals, so it's totally safe and tastes great, so fill up your water bottle from the sink instead of buying a bottle everywhere you go

most people really aren't mean, so feel free to ask questions

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