Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eggs, Sunnyside Up

Actually, I don't really care for eggs. It's a love/hate relationship I have there. I mean, sometimes I'm like "mmmm, eggs. Protein." And I tried an egg baked with an avocado this summer and it was tasty. But most days, I think "ew, eggs. Rubbery and also runny and simultaneously flavorless." Does anyone else feel this way about eggs??

I digress. Sunnyside is the neighborhood I will be moving to in 9 days, so I find it fitting I mention/honor eggs in some way - maybe we'll paint the walls eggplant...?
Sunnyside is a neighborhood in Queens, minutes from Midtown Manhattan, and I am thrilled that we got approved for the apartment. It's in a pre-war building, with a washer/dryer and dishwasher (Southern friends, that is not common here. I know, you can all weep over the last year spent schlepping laundry around and scrounging quarters for laundry like lunch money).

So what have I been up to all summer?

Livin' large in Harlem. I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Manhattan, yet the temporal sense of the move permeated most of my time here. I have explored the neighborhood a little, visited the local park and enjoyed the 3 train. Being at the last stop on the train means always having a seat, and waiting in an air-conditioned car and not in a hot, smelly train station. So that's a win-win.  I have survived most of the summer without A/C. No easy feat, as I love crisp fall days and inches, nay, feet of snow on the ground.

I enjoyed visits from several friends. Andrea in June, Amanda B. in early July and Rachel in late July. I got to catch up, eat good food and play the tourist with these friends, which is fun for me, as often I get caught up in working and going about life that I forget I live in a city teeming with life and activities.

I went to Shakespeare in the Park (a free event) TWICE this summer and saw Much Ado About Nothing. Watching the sun set behind the Beldevere Castle while sipping iced coffee and watching Shakespeare in Central Park is a wonderful experience.

I have a new nanny job - I know, I can't stay away from the babies. The little girl is 4 months old, and has a full head of curls - I am excited to have a baby best friend in the city. Because as we all know, I have been lacking for one ;)

Also, I have been working as an editorial assistant for a personal stylist based in Brooklyn. It has been a joy to learn from her about fashion and help a business owner in the city. Here's my shameless plug - follow hilaryrushford on Instagram. You won't regret it. If you've seen any of my "stylemejuly" photo challenges, they were all inspired by her and Dean Street Society. Hilary is an amazing stylist and really allows women to grow and develop their own sense of style. 

I celebrated my birthday in June at Mosaic Astoria and enjoyed getting together with my friends for drinks and conversation.
I spent a few days in Massachusetts with my family.
Though it took me nine months, I finally acquired my New York Public Library card. So it's official ;) 
My summer soundtrack has been comprised of Sharon Van Etten and War on Drugs.
My one year New York-versary is in 3 weeks. That reflection will be a post requiring more energy than I have now. 

Summer has been very busy. On a daily basis I've felt as though the heat and sunny weather have mostly drained me of all energy and activity. Yet upon this reflection, perhaps I couldn't see the accomplishments for the stress. Yesterday evening as my friend Margaret and I walked through the West Village she unknowingly made fun of me; her comment "I don't like when people say, 'oh, I can't wait for fall and pumpkin spice lattes,'  because to me it only means winter is coming." I laughed, because I had just noted a leaf on the pavement and thought "oooh, fall!" I can't wait for crisp mornings, cool breezes, the ability to wear scarves and boots and not sweat with every step. To crunch the stray leaves on the sidewalk and see the vibrancy of colors in this drab concrete jungle.
I have some friends coming to visit in October. Fall is the very best season to come. So please, feel free to book your plane ticket right now!

And the grand finale of my summer summation: Crazy Customer Compilations.

1. No, m'am, you may not come behind the registers/counter. My personal space...

2.  A gentleman tried to pass off counterfeit bills. When the pen turned them black, he got angry because we had "messed up his money" and now he couldn't use them. Good grief.

3. I had another magnet purchase of over $200. What is going on in the magnet community that they are being purchased with such fervor?

4. A co-worker of mine found a buggy zipped up in one of our garment closets. I literally don't even know (or really want to). That buggy now sits in the Goodwill donation pile.

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